Rent vs. Own

I get it.  There is a certain security to renting.  If the faucet leaks, you call maintenance.  If the hot water heater goes kaput, the landlord is the one to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to replace it, not you. 
On the other hand, that musty brown carpet that smells like a chainsmoking, incontinent bulldog?  It's up to your landlord to replace it.  What about the brass chandelier over the kitchen table that looks like it belongs in your Great Aunt Margaret's?  You have to live with its candelabra glare.  And worst of all, every month you pay your landlord rent, building their wealth while they benefit from tax breaks and property appreciation.  The money that you earn through your hard work could be invested in a home of your own to build your wealth. 
There are a lot of pros and even a few cons to consider when making the decision to leave life as a tenant behind and become a home owner.  Check out this handy infographic to get your own list started.  Then call me to talk about starting your home search!


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